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This is the first issue of our newsletter.   To help our clients make decisions that add value, we need to stay up to date with proposed changes in legislation and new technological developments.   We'd like to share such useful informaion with you, and also tell you something about our company.

Brent and Lyn Trail,
Surveying Services Ltd.


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All Weather Protection
Transferable Subdivision Rights
Y2K Compliance
Fast Track Technology
Profile - Brent and Lyn Trail
Development Impact Fees
Surveyor Accreditation
Cross-leasing Phase-out?

All Weather Protection For Palm Beach Plaza
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Shoppers can now shop in comfort without getting wet or sunburned at the region's newest shopping complex, Royal Palm Plaza at Papamoa.

Nigel Veale, contractor to Hawridge Developments, says fitting a roof was a major piece of work. The mall was originally designed as an outdoor complex.

"Unfortunately our climate doesn't always suit, so a roof area became a necessity and surveying had to be begin" he says. Hawridge Developments asked Phil Pharo of Surveying Services to commence the survey to provide base data for the structures design. Surveying Services had been involved with the Royal Palm Plaza since the initial concept.

Previously Phil had set out the position of foundations and structures, created 'as built' plans of buildings and services for permanent record, measured lease areas and drawn plans for lease agreements.

Beside the roof work, Surveying Services was also engaged by Hawridge Developments on the Royal Palm subdivision, setting out works for contractors and providing 'as built' plans for council records.


"The company proved itself to be reliable and capable." says Nigel.

Since fitting the roof on Royal Palm Plaza, the pedestrian count has increased by more than 20%. Royal Palm Plaza is ideally sited to take advantage of burgeoning growth. In the next 15-20 years the population between Papamoa Beach Road and the Kaituna River is expected to increase to around 30,000 people. The mall currently occupies only half its potential site.

"Royal Palm Plaza could easily double in size at a later stage. There would still be room for parking" says Nigel.

Transferable Subdivision Rights
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The latest WBOP District plan changes, influenced by Council's Fields For The Future, allows for the protection of significant land features and offers landowners subdivision of new titles in return. Ian Boyd of Surveying Services says in exchange for the legal and physical protection of a significant feature of value to the community, owners can subdivide a lot from within their land, or alternatively sell the subdivision right to other Western Bay owners. Features may be bush, regenerating bush, shrubland, wetland, stream margins, or other areas of value to the community. Significance is measured in the context of how important it is to conserve such natural, cultural or historical features. "Assessment of significant features is by an appropriate independent person or Council consultant. If the feature conforms to Council's criteria, a subdivision credit is given." says Ian.

Ian SubdividingThe new rule provides for protection of significant features which otherwise may be under threat by development or by normal rural practices.

Historically many features survived only because of the wisdom and sympathetic approach of land owners.

Council had limited powers and financial resources for protection.

"With this new rule, land owners can gain a financial advantage in retiring land parcels within their titles without relinquishing their control or necessarily allowing public access" says Ian.

Y2K Compliance
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Surveying Services is ready for the new millennium. Over recent years we've updated our systems and equipment, and were assured that they complied. We cannot guarantee our suppliers like Local Authorities and Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) comply, so we'll put contingency plans in place to minimise disruptions. Our advice to clients is, if possible, to finalise subdivisions and transfers early this year.

Technology Speeds Work
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Brent and Ian ordering property details on-line

When Brent Trail started out in surveying he bought the latest surveying instruments. Surveying Services still uses 'state of the art' equipment and information technology.

"The investment more than pays for itself. It makes the work faster by improving access to the necessary data.

Easy access increases our efficiency providing the opportunity to add value for the client" he says.

Brent often obtains necessary information via computer. This might be land ownership details, a measured description of the property, its size, shape, and who owns a neighbouring property if access is required for surveying.


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