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Welcome to our new look newsletter.  Yes, we've gone through some big changes lately but, rest assured, the one thing that we wont change is the commitment our staff have to providing service beyond expectation.

The simplified logo, created from the letter 'S', represents the contoured landform and built environment that surveyors continually contribute to. That's how we see it - what do you think?

Our business has prospered over the past twelve years as a result of the many satisfied clients we have, and their subsequent referrals.   We value your continued support and will always strive to provide 'the degree of difference'.

Brent and Lyn Trail,
Surveying Services Ltd.


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Landing a Profit
Ancient Pa Sites
Port Sand Removal
TDRS Recognised
Garden & Artfest at Quarry
Online in the City
Council Zone Change
Subdivision Costs Drop

Landing a Profit

Selling the property that you've spent a lifetime building up is not always easy.   All your time and effort has gone into it, and economic times are not always right when you are ready to leave.   There is more than one way to value your asset when it's time for a change.

"Rural land can be valued on its straight productive capacity, but this can sometimes be limiting", warns Simon Harris of Property Solutions, Tauranga. "Alternatively we can look at the subdivision rules and see what 'hidden value' is in the property.   Generally house sites within twenty minutes of town are worth about $100,000", says Simon.   "From there we add the value of associated producing land to give a total 'block value'."

Similarly in an urban area the 'back section' could have a high value as a site for another dwelling.   If you're thinking of selling a property with room for another dwelling, the chances are you could be selling yourself short if you don't seek professional advice.

"Timing is important in the fluid political and resource management climate", warns Brent Trail, Managing Director at Surveying Services.   "We've seen clients move at the right time and make significant gains ahead of those who waited. For some that opportunity may never come again."

Of course there are some significant costs along the way if you want to develop it yourself and achieve maximum return.   However in the scale of things these costs are not normally huge.   Typical development fees for urban and rural are similar.   Expect them to be around the '10% of total sale price' range; however a detailed analysis should always be done prior to any final commitment.

Costs involved here typically include resource consent and subdivision fees, council impact fees, upgrading access and services, valuation and legal fees.   It is not always clear if income tax is payable on the profits of land sales.   This depends upon your tax status and length of ownership.   Brent's advice is that you always discuss this with an accountant first.

Bethlehem Discoveries

Historical and cultural sites, including a new Pa site, were significant finds in a project carried out recently by Ken Phillips, Archaeological Consultant to the Tauranga District Council.

"We found sites that were not previously known," said Ken.  "Several shell middens revealed the defensive structure of a Pa site.   Overall, half a dozen new sites were discovered during the survey.  We are now able to flesh out a pretty accurate picture of the area, with some sites dating back hundreds of years."

Trevor Davey, of Surveying Services, managed the surveying project.  "This involved visiting the sites and recording their positions with our Leica GPS receiver," says Trevor.   "We then transferred the data into Council's geographic information system (GIS), where the information will now be available to all.  The results of this project will provide more information and extent of sites, making them easier to manage and avoid when development takes place.

TrevorTrevor Davey
Regd Surveyor
Project Manager.

Trevor focuses on managing developments from conception to final titles.   He also carries out topographical and precise survey work on a number of varied sites.   Trevor has a young family which keeps him busy at the weekends, and any spare time is spent sailing or dreaming about skiing.

IanIan Boyd
Registered Surveyor
Land Development Advisor

Ian is a land development professional who has a huge depth of experience with local councils.   He uses his expertise advising clients of the potential for developing or subdividing their land.   Ian's family have grown up in Tauranga and he now spends his spare time (and money) catching up with them around the globe.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

There is a wealth of heritage and environmental treasures being preserved in the Western Bay.   This is the result of the latest round of TDR approvals, where a landowner takes responsibility for the protection of a unique feature on his land.   Ian Boyd is a land development advisor at Surveying Services.   "I visited a bush block recently which contained unique features of vegetation and fauna found nowhere else in the World.   It has been recognised by environmentalists as extremely sensitive," says Ian.   The owner, having ring fenced it to keep stock out, runs a programme to keep pests at bay.   Knowing that he has saved one of the 'worlds gems' gives him a great deal of satisfaction.
The transferable development rights [TDR] concept has won the respect of environmental groups, and landowners who gain by obtaining rights to subdivide more lots.   This process takes a lot of patience and expertise to bring together, but the results can be very satisfying indeed.

HarbourHarbour Sand or Salt Mountain

How much dredged sand does it take to restock the Sulphur Point stockpiles.   How many more bags of salt are left in the pile?   When the Port of Tauranga or Dominion Salt need to know the exact answer they call on Surveying Services.

Robin Goldsack, General Manager of Dominion Salt, relies on a survey when estimating stock and loss factors.   The measurement of bulk volumes is a science that surveyors know well.   Calculating large volumes for stocktaking or site leveling are tasks carried out regularly for customers like Dominion Salt Salt Mountainand the Port of Tauranga.   This is a natural extension of the knowledge that we use to recontour land for subdivisions and horticultural projects.   Ask Trevor Davey to help, he may not be able to get down to the last grain in his fish & chip parcel but is pretty accurate at the Mount Maunganui salt mountain.

Council Zone Change

The Tauranga District Council recently notified zone changes adjoining some city residential areas in Bethlehem, Welcome Bay, and Ohauiti.   The changes involve "Future Urban" zoning moving to "Residential A" .
If you live or have an interest in these areas contact us to discuss the effects rezoning may have on your property.

Subdivision Costs Drop

The Western Bay District Council has signed a consent order, settling the longstanding proposal to increase roading DIFs.   These have reduced to $4200 across the district.   This effectively drops the cost of subdividing by up to six thousand dollars per lot from that proposed.   However, the Annual Plan shows them rising again soon.   Call us for more information if you are affected

Quarry Garden

An old disused quarry in Te Puna is coming to life with thousands of garden admirers about to enter its quiet and magical surroundings.

David Johnson is a member of the Park's Steering Committee.   With the assistance of Surveying Services, he has produced maps to navigate the site's pathways and special features.   Contour surveys are also helping to plan future development.

Local garden and art groups have brought the amphitheatre surroundings to life with their talents and love of community involvement.

David Johnson checks the site map, produced using a combination of ground survey and aerial photography at Surveying Services.
The Te Puna Quarry Park is set to be one of the highlights at this year's Décor Garden & ArtFest.

David Johnson is our computer draughting man.   David's area of expertise lies in putting together high-tech plans, using digital aerial photography.   He then overlays development features to clearly show all interested parties the extent of the proposal.   David has a background in forest consultancy and has been active in the Bay of Plenty for the past 11 years, specialising in woodlot management, valuation and forest landscaping.   He is also involved in community activities, particularly the Te Puna Quarry Park, for which he is Treasurer and a member of the Steering Committee.

CITY.ON LINE Instant response

When Tauranga District Council launched its website, Surveying Services wasted no time in grasping the opportunity to be the first land company to register its interest.   Surveying Services managing director, Brent Trail, applauds the Council in developing this and said there is huge potential to develop the service further.

WebviewCouncil land information manager Waid Crockett said WebView Plus represented huge savings to business clients and the council.   "Now business customers don't have to make the trip to council for some information and this would potentially reduce council time and queues."   He was excited at what the service could offer and said, "for clients like Surveying Services it meant each time they needed something they could access the latest information directly from the Council.   Other councils have Internet mapping available but not to the advanced level we have here.   We are going all out to try and meet businesses with services and property information unique to their needs."

Brent said, "It helps us to get a quick picture of the site.   Our staff can sit down with a client and show them where the services are that relate to their site, and what this means in development options.   With all this information at our desks we can almost complete a resource consent plan without leaving the office, " Brent said.   "We see tremendous potential in adding the city services to our existing information database".

When a client visits our offices we can present to them on screen a photographic site layout showing all the services and information that may effect a property or subdivision decision.

Surveying Services operates 'Terraview', an enhanced computer database, providing ownership, legal title references and a graphic representation of property boundaries.   This new link provides Surveying Services with the "here and now" and gives them a very powerful service at their fingertips.

Aerial photographs, water, wastewater and stormwater connections can be viewed on screen and clients can be given a direct response more quickly.   We can provide our clients with a considerable time and information advantage in developing their land.

The Tauranga District Council website also provides a new era in communication and interaction for the public and can be found at

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